Standing Receptions

Local weddings are more often than not a massive party, which is why standing receptions tend to be the more popular catering choice.

As a team, we believe that food is the heart of the matter. We feel that finger foods should be distinctive and inspiring.  A canapĂ© should be one bite of something creative which you can savour and relish.

This principle is translated into a desire to please our clients in a personal way. We offer the opportunity to be individualistic with an emphasis on imaginative foods and presentations, which are not only delicious but also exciting. We also constantly strive to update our catalogue, inclusive of 300 plus items, to include a balance between imaginative foods and traditional, sought-after items.

Destination Weddings


Our catering services extend also to seated weddings. Large or small, you can rely on us to offer our tailored services sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.  We offer a variety of menus depending on your preferences.

Catering Setup & Decor Inspiration

All the necessary catering equipment shall be provided as per menu requirements.  Catering set-up for any food stations is pre-discussed with our clients and implemented in a way which fits the wedding theme best.  Over and above the catering set-up, we also offer a number of items to help create a more intimate and personalised atmosphere in order for our clients to minimise additional decor arrangements with third party suppliers.